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The set is finished and finally posted. As previously mentioned on the main page it is suggested that you obtain EagleClark136's WC Body with updates by pontiacfan46 and pontiacfan46's N3 Mag wheels for this set. Those are the files I used to create this set. I'm sure you can use any car shape you desire, but if you want them to look the way they do in the screenshots I strongly suggest you get that car shape and those mag wheels. They look really sweet with the mag wheels. There are a few cars in the set that are just plain ugly, but they can't all be beauty queens right. ;) Now when I say they are finished I mean they are finished to my satisfaction that they are ready to be posted. However I will be updating them as time permits, adding co-sponsors and such to each car. I just really wanted to get these posted and get to work on my other fictional carset and let ya'll see what you think of these. I'm pretty proud of this set, I think most of them came out real nice, with a few exceptions, and knowing me I'll probably do them all over. I've already re-done the 41 car just prior to zipping the set up. I was really unhappy with it. It was totally ugly and you couldn't read the sponsor text very well. If there is a demand for it, I will make a .cal file for this set. I personally plan on running superspeedways and road courses for my PSCRA season. Obviously thats a matter of preference. Ya'll can run em wherever ya wanna. It's your game. Have fun. :)

Pontiac Stock Car Racing Association Carset Download
00 Fred Meyer Autism Awareness Pontiac View Download

Fictional Craftsman Trucks

04 American Race Tires Dodge View Download
 4 Khalua Silverado View Download
 9 Cialis Toyota View Download
15 Albertsons Silverado View Download
22 Suntrust Toyota View Download
40 Waste Management Ford View Download
69 Coors Light Toyota View Download
70 Havoline Autism Awareness Ford View Download
91 Miller Lite Ford View Download
00 Sam Goody/Linkin Park Dodge View Download

Fictional Arca/Remax Series Cars

00 Pennzoil Chevy View Download
00 Midas Dodge View Download
00 Cialis Dodge View Download
 0 Fuji Film Dodge View Download
 1 Good Guys Dodge View Download
 2 Budweiser Chevy View Download
13 Discount Tire Co. Dodge View Download
20 Quiznos Chevy View Download
26 Energizer Ford View Download
28 Snap-On Tools Dodge View Download
70 Fleischman's Ford View Download
92 Post-It Dodge View Download
98 Bic Dodge View Download

Fictional Nextel Cup Cars

20 Home Depot Chevy View Download
26 Quaker State Ford View Download
88 Quality Care (Blue) Taurus View Download
88 Ford Credit (Black) Taurus View Download

Special thanks to everyone at SimCyberWorld, The Wind Tunnel & RuRa Forums for all the help, suggestions, requests, car templates and logos given to me in the making of my fictional pontiac carset. Without these great people the set would have never seen the light of day. And an extra big thanks to everyone at the Wind Tunnel for all the help everyone has given me since I first joined last fall. I am truely appreciative of all the help, links, files, suggestions, support and constructive criticism I have received, it has been truely helpful and made my N3 experience enjoyable. Also thanks to all my friends that aren't even part of the sim racing community that have been supportive of my work and for the kind words like, "hey, thats a really nice car". Things like that are nice to hear and make you feel real good about what you are doing. So thank you everyone!